Bicester Aerodrome: Land Rover Legends

Having visited Bicester Heritage for the Sunday Scramble back in April, on 26/27 May we returned to the Bicester Aerodrome in Oxfordshire, a beautiful 348 acre former WW2 RAF Bomber Training Station, for the inaugural Land Lover Legends event - supported by Farer. 
 The original airbase was built during Sir Hugh Trencher’s expansion of the RAF in the 1920s. It is a striking setting for any event because it retains the original architecture – vast hangers, connecting roads and war department buildings - which have been painstakingly restored over the last decade, even down to the paint colours being correct to 1930s British Standards.
 Bicester is a time capsule, providing a visual journey through pre-1930s military aviation and the development of Britain’s strategic bomber force before the Second World War – it is now a thriving home to the UK’s only hub for historic motoring excellence with over 30 specialist businesses, and growing. It feels like walking back in time.
 A fitting place therefore to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the introduction of the first Land Rover in 1948 and a chance to showcase some of our country’s most iconic and most loved vehicles - the Land Rover and Range Rover. 
From brilliant original examples, renovated and restored classics to early prototypes, pre-production models and rare conversions - the huge Lancaster bomber hanger was full of great British vehicles and the airfield itself was full of visiting enthusiasts.
We took our Heritage and Series 3, both in full Farer livery, proudly parked in the hanger - beneath suitably giant Farer flags. To complete the day, Paul helped judge the award for the most original Land Rover, to which we awarded the worthy winner an apple green, Beagle Automatic.
 Many thanks to Richard Grafton and the team at Land Rover Legends for helping to organise the event.