“The beauty of Farer lies in the fact that they are very different from other watches on the market today.”


“A unique look that is at once exotic and bold, like some of the rarer Universal Genèves and Gallets.”



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Introducing: Farer Carnegie Chronograph Sport

"An attractive chronograph that wears its Farer heritage proudly... the characterful teal giving it a unique appeal that means it’ll be sure to draw attention."

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Leave it to Farer to make teal drool-worthy

"Farer continues to showcase its keen eye for colour with the new Carnegie chronograph."

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"A thing of lasting beauty that will add a touch of class to any wrist this spring and summer."

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The Farer Maze GMT Review - A Fun Twist on a Classic Tool Watch

"British brand Farer is one that I’ve had my eye on ever since their launch in 2015. Back then I was just getting into watches, and Farer’s quirky designs and bold colours really caught my eye" 

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"Another stylish and flexible take on a classic from Farer that offers a lot of mileage for the price."

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Introducing: The Farer Field Watch Collection

"These are some of the most visually interesting field watches around. They’re also, as ever, incredibly affordable."

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HANDS-ON: Farer Field Watch Collection

"The Farer Field Watch Collection lets you have your cake and eat it too... the best of both worlds: British design and Swiss watchmaking"

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Farer unveils its new Field Watch collection

"Farer starts the year off right with a new collection that adds its own twist to the classic field watch."

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Hands-On With The Farer Maze GMT

"The Farer Maze GMT amazes and amuses me. Really, I haven’t worn such a playful and imaginative watch for quite some time."

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