Our cases are designed to be universal in size, suitable for male and female wearers, measuring 39.5mm in diameter and 11mm in depth. Lug to lug they measure 46mm and fit all of our straps, with a lug size of 20mm.

Farer watches are all crafted from 316L stainless steel, a grade of stainless steel with extremely low carbon content. With added Molybdenum, 316L stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion from seawater and is also magnetic resistant, unlike stainless steel of lower grades.

We offer watches with a range of polished and brushed finishes, depending on your preference.


Every Farer watch features a domed crystal that rises above the profile of the steel case.

Domed crystals were popular in the 1950s and 1960s but have become less popular due to their added cost. However the way that light refracts through domed glasss is unlike any flat crystal, especially when combined with our curved dials.

The Farer Automatics all come with boxed sapphire crystal, providing both strength and clarity. Our Quartz range features the same domed shape in sapphire-coated, scratch-resistant mineral.


The standout feature of any Farer watch.

Our signature bronze crowns have the Farer compass marque cast in relief and purposefully contrast with the steel finish of any case, making a Farer watch unmistakable from afar.

The solid bronze crown of our Automatics is designed to change with the elements and give the watch a unique patina over time. All our Quartz watches come with a bronze coated crown of exactly the same design.


If the Farer crown is the signature component, then the use of colour and detail are the common unifying dial design principles on any Farer watch.

In the heyday of Swiss watchmaking the art of the dial was as important as the movement, pored over painstakingly until the individual elements combined perfectly.

Every curved dial we design begins life on paper in our Hyde Park studio. We spend months agonising over colour combinations and the use of different materials.

We then develop each watch face before entering multiple rounds of protoyping with our Swiss production partners, until we eventualy have the finished article. End-to-end the process takes six months.


All Farer watches feature our trademark syringe minute and hour hands - the longest of which bend towards the tip, mirroring the shape of the vintage-inspired curved dials of every Farer watch.

On our three-hand and GMT watches, the second hands effortlessly trace the outer track of the dial, with the curved Farer compass point dipping elegantly at the tip, as the dial falls away into the case.

Depending on the watch you choose, we use a range of finishes and colours on the hands. Some come with Super-LumiNova to provide a luminous afterglow, while others are more delicate, such as the gold skeleton hands of the Meakin.


We offer a wide range of interchangeable straps so that you can change the look of your watch whenever you want.

We stock straps in multiple colour and leather options, each of which is designed with our innovative strap mechanism - meaning you can switch straps in seconds, without the need of a tool.

Our remarkably supple, yet immensely durable Barenia leather straps are made from the same luxury leather that Hermes use to make their famous saddles.

In our Italian calf leather range, we offer a choice of colours in both plain and perforated - whilst we also offer a fine Milanese mesh option for those who prefer a metal strap.