28 November | People
We catch up with mountaineer and photographer, Paul Brett, to hear all about his epic highland adventures.

In the latest of our regular series of interviews with modern-day adventurers, explorers and entrepreneurs, we sat down with award-winning mountain photographer and writer Paul Brett to talk mountaineering, the great outdoors - and 'freelance adventure dogs'. No, really. 

Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, it's appropriate that Paul Brett's career as a professional adventurer, photographer and writer began with a single shot of Scotland's highest and most-famous peak.

Shooting to stardom
"I won a prestigious photography award for my shot of Ben Nevis from Carn Mòr Dearg," says Paul, "and I haven't looked back since. The exposure and audience I got from that award was incredible and allowed me to publish my mountaineering book which has sold all over the world.

Northern adventures
"More than anything, that first photo and the publicity that came with it has opened up the possibility of so many more adventures around the world. I have a very, very long list of locations I want to shoot and climb.

"In particular, Norway is big on the list - especially the Trolltunga (Troll's Tongue), the famous bit of rock which, as the name suggests, juts out horizontally like a tongue! There are also so many stunning climbs I want to make in places like Iceland and the North West of the United States too."

Beauty of Glencoe
Not that Paul is in any rush to leave more local climbs behind, of course. "I do feel very lucky to have so much incredible scenery within arm's reach," he says. "Take Glencoe, for example. It's just an amazing place - so iconic, so beautiful, and with something for every level of hiker and climber.

"Even the drive up to Glencoe is special - when you get the first glimpse of Etive Mòr and beyond it's hard not to gasp with amazement. There are few things better than driving that road - I'll take a Porsche 911 Coupe, if you're offering - and seeing that view in front of me. The Curved Ridge on Buachaille Etive Mòr and the infamous Aonach Eagach ridge are favourites of mine too. I've climbed and shot all over the place, but I still keep coming back."

Furry adventurer
And more often that, Paul returns with one particular partner in tow - his adventurous pet Terrier. "My Lakeland Terrier, Terry, has done all the big mountains in Scotland and been my companion on many memorable climbs," says Paul. "He loves it as much as I do. He's got quite the following on Instagram too - people send him really beautiful stuff from all over the world."

Favourite Farer watch
Speaking of beautiful stuff, before we say farewell to Paul - and before we hurry off to follow Terry, the self-described 'freelance adventure dog' on Instagram -  there is still one all-important question to put to Paul. Which is his favourite Farer watch?

"I love them all but I wear the Carter and the Beagle. I love the classic design, and the visible mechanism on the autos is amazing. The bronze crown is beautiful, the interchangeable straps are genius - even the little graphic detail on the 'A' in Farer is so good. I love showing them off to everyone."

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