16 October | Adventures
We jump in the Land Rover to explore the rugged, natural beauty of Britain's largest national park - the Lake District.

Lake DistrictNo matter how many times you go to the Lake District, it never gets old. From the sweeping views over its green fields and shimmering lakes; those quaint and quiet villages strewn like stray seeds across all that epic countryside; the mountains, the forests, the pubs, the people - all of it is very special. We went adventuring to this most memorable patch of Britain a few weeks back.

For the first two days of our trip, we explored some of the area's best-known sights - we trekked round Lake Windermere, battled up towards the peak of England's highest mountain, Scafell Pike, and alternated between being really pretty lost and absolutely blown away by the views near and far from the Lake District's footpaths and bridleways. We found our way into the iconic Lake District villages of Gasmere and Ambleside and enjoyed a friendly welcome - and a few local beers - in each.

For the final night of our stay, however, we decided to go a little off the beaten track to Langdale, one of the Lake District’s smallest, quietest but most picturesque valley and home to the exquisite Brimstone Hotel. Hellish in name, in every other way it is quite the opposite.

Intentionally built to resemble a ski chalet of the very highest order, the rooms inside are toasty and private - great warm and welcoming and beautifully-decorated places that somehow feel as though they fit naturally into the landscape. There's a snug reading room laden with books, there's local food and beer at-hand, there are torches for night-time strolls to the pubs surrounding. It's bucolic, and it's magic. The spa isn't half bad either.

In a nutshell, the Brimstone is everything that's special about the Lake District - there's a real feeling of being immersed in nature, of somehow returning to a wilder way of life, all offset by such stunning surroundings that you cannot help but feel as though you are holidaying, however tired your feet may be, or however much the winds may whip. Head to this brilliant bit of Britain at the first opportunity, and experience it for yourself.