18 January | People
We chat with Farer Ambassador, filmmaker and good friend Mackie Alcantara.
Mackie was born in Australia, where he grew up surfing in a small beach town. Having moved here in 1996, he is proud to call England home and now lives with his family in Oxfordshire.

Mackie the filmmaker
"l love nothing more than filming run and gun style films with cars and motorcycles, the more adventurous the environment the better. Others might find it quite risky shooting from 'planes, trains and automobiles' but it’s what I enjoy and l’m always trying to find a different perspective that captures the real authenticity of a situation."

Mackie the pilot
"Away from filming I’m a freelance helicopter pilot and instructor. I get to enjoy flying around the beautiful landscape, seeing everything from the best angle. It’s always an adventure with a helicopter, especially having to deal with the rapidly changing weather systems that the UK can throw at you… It keeps you on your toes, which I like."

Mackie the explorer
"My favourite place to get out and explore has got to be the Scottish highlands. Whether its flying up there or on a Farer road trip with some classic cars, l don’t think you can beat it. A close second is being down by the beach in CornwalI, l love how most of the coastlines over here are untouched compared to back home where its been overdeveloped with high risers, there’s still that raw soul in Cornwall which is unique."

Mackie’s choice of watch
"I love the Farer aesthetic and the brand, everything from the Great British adventures to the unique watch designs. It's a natural fit for me and my lifestyle. My favourite watch is the Endeavour  Aqua Compressor, closely followed by the Segrave. The Endeavour is a great size of watch but it’s also a watch that works in any occasion - super functional and has perfect clarity. Essentially it’s a sports watch that can also be worn as a more dressy watch. I change between the bracelet and hard-wearing natural rubber strap depending on what I’m doing but both are bulletproof. Besides, you can’t go wrong with the matte black dial. That being said, I also love the Segrave Chronograph with its aeronautical pedigree."


Mackie’s wheels
"The 1993 Ducati 900 Monster. This is bike that saved Ducati from going under. l see it as being a bit like a 911 that has stood the test of time and just evolved, whilst keeping its core roots. It was basically a retro custom of the early 90’s - a beautiful mutating monster. When it comes to cars, I don’t think l can say just one, it needs to be two - firstly, a 1990 Land Rover Defender, classic design that has stayed beautiful in its own rights and then it’s a Porsche 911, it’s a true test of time (1972 a good year for me). Then you have everything you need in just two cars."

What’s next?
"Very excited to be filming next Farer adventures for the new watches being launched for 2019. It’s going to be busy year. Not to forget flying to Courchevel landing on top of glaziers and exploring the alps for another heli adventure (and throw some skiing into the mix)."