26 February | People
We catch up with Jim Cregan of Jimmy's Iced Coffee - lover of surfing, adventure and a secret trucker's cafe.

Jimmy's Iced CoffeeIn the latest of our interviews with adventurers, explorers and entrepreneurs who inspire us, we spoke to Jim Cregan, one of the co-founders of Jimmy's Iced Coffee.

Inspiration Down Under
'The idea for Jimmy's Iced Coffee was born out of a five month trip to Australia,' says Jim.  
'My philosophy on life is that we don't have much time here so you might as well make the most of it. I came up with the strapline for the business - 'Keep Your Chin Up' - and I have that same approach to life and business. I strongly believe positivity is a skill and it can help you succeed. Things are going great with Jimmy's - we're stocked everywhere from Selfridges to Tesco. I'm glad we took the plunge and started all this.'

Love of the Sea
Speaking of taking the plunge, another of Jim's passions - besides coffee - is the sea. A keen surfer, Jim says the coastline is also a source of inspiration for him too. 'We live in Southbourne in Dorset, and it's still the place that gives me the most inspiration. It's such an amazing place and being so close to the beach helps me put things in perspective. Work takes me to London a lot, but I think if I lived there I would miss the water.

Special Surf Spots
'We're lucky in that the surfing around here is pretty special too. The Purbecks in Dorset is a real favourite place of mine to explore. It offers so much for every adventurer out there and despite how many times you go, the weather will always throw a new light, making it seem new every time. You get such a great and unique view back onto the land when you're out on the water too. I'm also taking the family away to Jersey soon in our Mercedes Vario camper. I love Jersey, and we're just going to take boards, duvets, heating and tea. It's going to be ace.'
Jimmy x Carter

Retracing Family Footsteps
Not that Jim's adventures are solely focused on the shoreline. He's also planning a trip to Oman with his father, where the pair of them will follow in the tracks his dad made many years ago.

'My dad mapped Oman in the army many years ago in a Series One, so we're going back with a couple of his pals in tow too. We've been trying to find an old Defender for the trip, but I think we'll end up with something more modern. Either way, I'm hyped about it.

The Joy of Vintage Cars
'It would be cool to find an old Defender though, because I do have a real soft spot for vintage cars. I've got a Mercedes 1981 W123 powder yellow estate. It's a 4 speed manual with original Becker radio, it has no electrics and is just wonderful to drive. I can sleep fully stretched out in the back, can travel with 8 surfboards on the roof and she makes me smile every time I drive her.

Fabled Full English 
'There's something special about things that endure and last for decade after decade. It's like this Trucker's Cafe I stop at on the way to Longleat. In a really special way, it's completely stuck in a time warp - and coincidentally, the coffee is terrible, but that doesn't matter. It's been in the same family for three generations and it's the only greasy spoon I know where there's Lea & Perrins on every table. And if you even think about moaning about your eggs, you'll be reversed over in the car park. I love it.'

Favourite Farer Watch
Our drinks now empty, talk turns to the final question we put to every interviewee: which is Jim's favourite Farer watch?

'I bought my wife the Johnson for Christmas - it's just so classic and she's in love with it. My personal favourite is the Carter. It's basically a black faced watch but once you really examine it, you realise it's a super colourful piece and has so much in it. It's a watch that can only be fully appreciated over time. Awesome.'