25 June | Adventures
From Cornwall to Scotland, seasides to mountains - whether it by plane, train, boat, or automobile - we’ve had the pleasure to explore some of Britain’s most beautiful landscapes. What’s more, on our adventures we’ve also got to meet some true characters. 

On our recent trip to Studland Bay, Dorset we jumped on board the beautiful Buccaneer and met boat builder, captain, pilot, surfer, waterman, explorer, entrepreneur and all round good guy Justin Langford.

"Hailing from the rugged coast of New Zealand’s South Island. I was taught from an early age to explore the natural world and taught the importance of being resourceful and creative. Ive always preferred the road less travelled and enjoy pushing my own limits. I’ve never been one for the mainstream and have always learnt best from being put in the deep end and trial and error.

From a very young age I’ve been surrounded by water which has given me all the experience and confidence needed to enjoy the open ocean and coastline. No matter the day I’ve had, as soon as I get my head under the water, all my worries completely disappear”.
The idea for the Buccaneer stemmed from Justin's desire to spend as much of my down time on the water. Having spent years unsuccessfully searching for the right boat to match his sense of adventure he decided to convert an old fishing vessel.

Buccanneer was built in Weymouth in 1972. With Mahogany on Oak frames she was originally built as a lobster potter and designed to handle the harsh conditions from the Isle of Wight to Lyme Regis. Used commercially until 2018 it took 6 months of very long days during the winter of 2018/19 to get Buccaneer ready to be launched once again.

"I’ve called this boat genre a "Lobster Yacht”. Since owning Buccaneer we have travelled around 1800nm explored every nook and cranny down the south west coast and have plans to take her down through the french canals to the Riviera then hopefully ship her down to NZ over the coming years. 

For me, success isn’t measured in financial wealth, it's measured in lifestyle and the experiences gained from travelling and making memories with friends and family, new and old”.