30 November | Places
We love Devon. It is the sort of place which gives you plenty of reasons to visit, and even more to stay.

For one thing, the county is a natural wonder: a wild and beautiful combination of jutting cliffs, sandy shores and windswept moors. The cream teas are something special, too. But perhaps most of all, we love Devon because it is home to one of our favourite hotels in the country, the unforgettable Glazebrook House.

Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland is the chief influence at work at Glazebrook , and maverick interior designer Timothy Oulton, the brains behind the concept, has created something truly memorable. Colour abounds, unusual antiques and fantastical curios line the walls, and each of the eight bedrooms takes its style inspiration from a character in Alice's Wonderland.

There are precious few hotels around the world which give you the chance to stay in the Jabberwocky room. That Glazebrook does is part of its charm.

Not that the Alice influence ever feels like a gimmick. The decor may be bold and different, but it is never cartoonish. It is a beautiful, elaborate and incredibly luxurious place to stay. It is a boutique hotel which feels both exclusive and incredibly welcoming.

The restaurant is wonderful too, and the nearby seaside town of Salcombe is well worth exploring, but there is plenty to discover in Glazebrook 's own magnificent gardens. Rumour has it if you stay out there long enough and have enjoyed enough gin and tonics first you may run into a Cheshire Cat.

Like Devon itself, Glazebrook is the sort of hotel you look forward to visiting again, almost as soon as you have arrived. To paraphrase Alice herself, if you visit this wondrous little hotel and don't fall in love, you may be entirely bonkers.