25 April | People
We spent an enjoyable day with Amy Shore - automotive photographer, avid traveller and Farer brand ambassador.

Amy Shore: Car PhotographerOur watches might take their names from pioneers and explorers throughout history, but it's not just to the past that we turn for inspiration. There are plenty of modern-day adventurers who inspire us too. Take Amy Shore, for example. Amy is a globe-trotting automotive photographer, which sounds to every right-thinking person we know, like a dream job. Amy, understandably, agrees.

Her career began in earnest just three years ago, when she caught a Ferrari P4 replica on film. Since then, she's filled her days with incredible machines, incredible locations and, naturally, incredible photographs. That's why we've made her a Farer ambassador, and why we caught up with her in deepest Cornwall to talk life, adventure, philosophy and - of course - cars. As a person with a thrillingly unique job, the first thing we wanted to know was simple. What motivates her? What feeds her love of exploration and adventure?

Adventure and inspiration

'I never, ever, ever, ever want to stop challenging myself,' she says. 'There's a Benjamin Franklin quote: 'some people die at 25 and aren't buried until they're 75.' That quote has always stuck with me. That's one of the things I love about the world I work in; so many of the people I meet strive to live life to the fullest, and they're my kind of people. I'd hate to reach the end of my life and wish I had visited Japan, or tried skyping, or scared myself silly picking up a big spider.'

Her enthusiasm - not just for her job but for life and adventure in general - is infectious. When she talks - about her work, travel, friends, adventure - we feel our feet itching for a little exploration of our own. Amy's North Face boots, which have clocked up nearly as many miles around the globe as Michael Palin's, do a similar little shuffle beneath the pub table. We ask Amy where her wanderlust might take her next.

Places still to see

'Well, I've had a conversation about a very, very interesting trip to Kazakhstan later on this year which I really hope goes ahead. Otherwise, I'd love to road trip to Norway and venture across the United States and Canada. But honestly, there are so, so many places on this planet I'd love to go - and so many places I've already been that I want to return to - that it's difficult to decide.' Is there anywhere in particular that she'd like to see again soon? She nods.

Favourite destination

'Definitely Scotland. I love how desolate The Highlands are, and the Isle of Skye was one of the most magical places I've ever visited. There's also - and this is a random one - this pie place in Whitby called Humble Pie & Mash. The first time I visited, there was a major storm that night. Rain was pouring down the street but still, people kept squeezing into this tiny, tiny restaurant to eat these amazing hot pies from little tin plates. I can't wait to go back.'

Favourite car of all time

Our hungry stomach growls excitedly. But before we let thoughts of food take over, there are still two questions we need Amy to answer. First - and this is a big question for someone who takes their photographs for a living - we ask which car is her all-time favourite. 'The Ford GT40, but only just. The Ferrari 250 GTO is a close second.'

Favourite Farer watch

Finally, and most importantly (at least as far as we're concerned): which is her favourite Farer watch? 'Definitely the Barnato. I love how playful and colourful it is. Every time I look at it, the watch reminds me that my time is precious and I must make sure to have fun.' Spend a few minutes in her company or leaf through her brilliant work and you'll quickly realise that Amy Shore is certainly doing exactly that.